Documents for the 111th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.

Document Folder

A.1 Final Agenda (2021)

A.2 Vision Statement (2021)

A.3 Convention Guide (2021)

A.4 Rules of Order (2021)

A.5 Canonically Resident Clergy (2021)

A.6 Clergy & Staff Transitions (2021)

A.7 Delegate & Alternate Report (2021)

A.8 Workshop Sessions (2021)

The list of workshop offerings for the 2021 Diocesan Convention is now available! Join early and discover vital ministries across the diocese and gain tools you’ll be able to use in your own congregations and ministries. Workshops are open to everyone, so come and join us for this time of learning and community. Links to join the workshops via zoom will be posted to the Convention website.

A.9 Voting & Debate How-To (2021)

B.1 Nominations Overview (2021)

B.2 Nominations Report (2021)

B.3 Nominee Short Form (2021)

B.4 Tally Sheet (2021)

C.1 2022 Narrative Budget

D.2 Resolutions Report (2021)

This year the Resolutions Committee, with the encouragement of Bishop Rickel, initiated a two-stage process for review of resolutions. In the first stage, submitters of resolutions were invited to an “early-bird” deadline, if they so chose, in order to engage with the Resolutions Committee in hearings designed to offer the opportunity to refine or perfect the resolutions ahead of the canonical deadline for submission, which was September 14 (45 days in advance of the Convention).

D.3 Courtesy Resolutions (2021)

D.4 Additional Resolution for Consideration (2021)

D.5 Resolutions with Actions (2021)

E.1 Constitution & Canons Report (2021)

E.2 Convention Committees (2021)

E.3 Diocesan Council (2021)

E.4 Board of Directors (2021)

E.5 Personnel Commission

E.6 Standing Committee (2021)

E.7 Commission on Ministry (2021)

E.8 Archivist Report (2021)

E.9 Committee on Privilege (2021)

Preliminary Agenda