Bishop’s Cross Award
Hisako Miyazaki Beasley
Ethnic Ministries Circles of Color

Bishop Nedi Rivera said about Hisako: The thing is she never lets the story be about Hisako; she’s always in the background helping make God’s love present and visible.”

In her own words, offering to serve as General Convention deputy, Hisako said: “I believe in doing theology ‘with God’s help’. After the Eucharist we say,– ‘send us out to do the work you have given us to do.’ I try to reflect this in all I do as a faithful witness and follower of Christ. I serve to get the work done rather than just to talk about it.”

Hisako was born in Japan, attended an Episcopal school there, and moved to the U.S. with her G.I. husband. She has been active at St. Peter’s, and Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle; on the Diocesan Commission for the Church in the World; a founder of Olympia’s Episcopal Women’s Caucus; a General Convention deputy for 6 terms; on Executive Council from 2007 to 2012; a member of the Episcopal Asian Ministries Japanese Convocation; member of the Episcopal Urban Caucus, served on the board of trustees of CDSP, and is a faithful member of the Diocese of Olympia Circles of Color – among other things.

People around the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion know who Hisako Beasley is and give thanks for her fierce commitment to justice and for the joyous messenger of God’s love that she is. An LGBTQ leader in the Episcopal Church in El Salvador says, “Hisako has an enormous vocation and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus, to building the Reign of God and building a society with genuine respect for diversity.”

Hisako was quoted in the Episcopal News Service on a visit to Quito with Executive Council saying, typically: “I wanted to touch the people of Ecuador. When we arrived, a woman grabbed me and adopted me and said, ‘My new family.’ It touched me so much, and I am so glad I came.”

Friends have said: “Hisako has a deep passion for justice. She has attended faithfully Black Lives Matter and End Asian Hate Crimes rallies at St. Luke’s. This is close to her heart as she and her family have lived with these issues.”

“She serves faithfully for ALL marginalized folks in whatever way is necessary.”

And “She’s indomitable, faithful, joyful, hopeful and so much fun. “

Hisako’s lifetime of service at every level of the Episcopal Church is a testament to her enduring and faithful dedication to us all. Her years of ministry as a lay woman has meant so much to so many people, and Hisako remains an inspiration to the BIPOC communities as a person of color. Hisako is considered a beloved and deeply respected Elder in the Ethnic Ministries Circles of Color, whom she was nominated by for the Bishop’s Cross Award.

Please join me in honoring Hisako Miyazaki Beasley.