Bishop’s Cross Award
Jeff Graham
St. Andrew’s, Port Angeles

When The Rev. Laura Murray arrived at St. Andrew’s in Port Angeles as rector in 2022, Jeff Graham quickly became the person she most relied upon. He was assigned as the project manager for the rectory’s remodel, and as such, helped pick out new flooring, paint, and fixtures and answered all the questions one might possibly come up with, from when the contractor was due to arrive next, to what was the best veterinarian in town. It seemed there was no job, no ask, that was too outlandish for Jeff; in fact, he regularly volunteered to help without being asked.

Jeff’s been at St. Andrew’s for seven years and, in that time, has served in many different capacities, but it’s more than just his “church duties” that make Jeff stand out. He is officially the property manager for the church, but unofficially, he does so much more. He shovels the driveways and sidewalks for folks in his own neighborhood. More than once, The Rev. Murray returned home to the rectory only to find Jeff had been there and hauled the trash cans out to the curb. He prepares the memorial garden for committals. When The Rev. Murray’s husband’s father was dying, Jeff offered to keep their dog so she could go be with the family. When the sexton left, Jeff just stepped in and cleaned the church for months until a replacement sexton was found. He is the “go-to” guy for St. Andrew’s – always willing to help and usually stepping in with an offer of assistance before the need for help is even recognized.

Jeff is a regular attendee of weekly bible study. There used to be a commercial for the brokerage firm EF Hutton with the tagline, “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.” Jeff is the EF Hutton of Bible Study. He doesn’t have a lot to share, but when he does speak, he is on point and thoughtful. Jeff embodies servanthood and generosity; he loves God, the Episcopal Church, and the Cincinnati Reds.

Jeff Graham’s natural bent toward being of service, combined with a deep and inquisitive faith, mark him as a worthy recipient of the Bishop’s Cross, and I am pleased to award him with it.