Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer and Closing Prayers will be offered in JKC 106, sponsored by the Liturgy and Arts Guild of the Diocese of Olympia.

We will also offer an active worship space that will be open all day, sometimes with a led worship experience and other times simply open as sacred space to pray.

9am: Prayer Stations – come spend time at interactive prayer stations, put together by The Rev. Meghan Mullarkey from St. Columba’s, Kent. Explore each station in your own time. The stations will remain in the sacred space all day.

10:30am: Centering Prayer and Underhill House

Description: This begins with a brief introduction to centering prayer for those unfamiliar with the practice, followed by sitting. A contemplative offering is enriching for any congregation and a touchpoint with the surrounding community. Many groups closed or went online in recent years; this workshop can be an inspiration and model for in-person group contemplative offerings in the Diocese. Underhill House is a quiet space in Seattle for people to come in off the street for contemplative practice – centering prayer or any other form of prayer or meditation – or just to enjoy the stillness. Join Underhill House to experience the enfolding peace of centering prayer and learn a little about this unique contemplative ministry in the Diocese.

Presenters: Phil Rose

1:00pm: Godly Play Lesson

2:15: Sing-along of original worship music from Church of the Apostles