Creation Care resources to aid us as we seek to encounter Jesus in the garden.

Plenary Session

Plenary Videos

Workshop Resources

Beyond Eden: A Conversation between Indigenous and Western Cosmologies

The Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton

  • Integrative Science
  • Indigenous Theology and the Western Worldview book
  • Children’s book “Walking Together”
  • Let Earth Be Heaven paper [R. Taber-Hamilton]
  • The Four Vision Quests of Jesus book [S. Charleston]
  • The Universe Story book [B. Swimme & T. Berry]
  • Embracing Climate Justice: Exploring Our Calling
    The Climate Justice Task Force
    John Kydd

Growing Together: Faithful Creation Care and Environmental Justice in the Diocese of Olympia
Adrienne Elliott

Resolution Resources

Considering Adoption of a Season of Creation 

Creation Justice Pledge Resources

Additional Resources


  • For searching the most recent resolutions of the 80th General Conventions (2022) including the seven environmental resolutions recently passed by convention go to: Resolutions Virtual Binder of 2022 General Convention of the Episcopal Church:

  • To search all the adopted resolutions within the archives of resolutions of all General Conventions of the Episcopal Church (including the history of environmental and creation care resolutions go to:

  • Evergreen Tree Growing Tips pdf
  • “The Great Burning” article by Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton which covers Indigenous concerns and creation care
    • This is part of the Living Church’s online magazine and their Creation edition which came out before the Lambeth Conference
    • Their resource is intended to be used within congregational or group settings and includes short readings (edited for length) and discussion questions