October 21-22 | Hilton Seattle Airport & Virtually

Water. Soil. Seeds. Growth. As the seasons change, as the fruit within our own hearts and communities begin to ripen and mature, Jesus calls on us to encounter him in the garden. As we look for ways to heal our planet, to heal our relationship to creation and become faithful stewards of this place we call home, Jesus calls on us to encounter him in the garden. And as we celebrate our rich and vibrant legacy while looking ahead to a new and ever changing future, the risen Christ calls on us to encounter him in the garden.

On October 21-22 for the 112th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia met in-person at the Hilton Seattle Airport (for those able to attend physically) and online via our virtual event platform (for those with medical vulnerabilities, disabilities, or other limitations that prevent them from attending in-person). This was a time for us to gather for workshops and worship, and a time for us to do the work of the diocese – a time for us to encounter our risen Savior in the garden.

Details about the 2023 Convention (including the date, format, and location) will be posted to this page as soon as they become available.

Our Convention offering will go to Cristosal – an organization working to promote justice, human rights, and democratic societies in Central America, through strategic litigation, research, learning, human rights monitoring, and assistance to victims of human rights violations. Cristosal currently has a programmatic presence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. They aspire to be an intercultural organization that inspires innovation in the field of human rights through exchange and collaboration between movements in the region and the international community. Cristosal’s technical teams are interdisciplinary with the goal of promoting diversity of thought and identity in the defense and promotion of human rights. Their programmatic approaches and strategies are recognized for being based on international standards of human rights norms, methodologies, and principles that are applied with and for affected communities. Their strategies are constantly evolving to adapt these standards to the changing contexts of Central America.

Find out more about Cristosal at the link below.

Give to Cristosal at our Convention 2022 Offering website below.

You can find Creation Care resources related to this year’s Convention theme by following the link below.