Documents for the 112th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.

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A.1 Final Agenda (2022)
A.2 Vision Statement (2022)
A.3 Convention Guide (2022)
A.4 Rules of Order (2022)
A.5 Canonically Resident Clergy (2022)
A.6 Clergy & Staff Transitions (2022)
A.7 Delegates & Alternates
A.8 Friday Workshop Sessions
A.9 Voting & Debate How-To
A.10 Facility Layout
B.1 Nominations Overview (2022)
B.2 Nominations Report (2022)
B.3 Nominations Short Form (2022)
B.4 Tally Sheet (2022)
C.1 2023 Narrative Budget
2023 Narrative Budget for the diocese.
D.1 Resolutions Guidelines (2022)
D.2 Resolutions Report (2022)
D.3 Courtesy Resolutions (2022)
E.1 Constitution & Canons Committee (2022)
E.2 Convention Committees (2022)
E.3 Diocesan Council (2022)
E.4 Board of Directors (2022)
E.5 Personnel Commission (2022)
E.6 Standing Committee
E.7 Commission on Ministry (2022)
E.8 Archivist Report (2022)
E.9 Task Group on Indigenous Boarding Schools (2022)
E.10 2021 Resolutions #6 Report from Personnel Commission
E.11 Racial Justice Audit of Episcopal Leadership – Executive Summary
E.12 Racial Justice Audit of Episcopal Leadership – Full Report
E.13 Racial Justice Task Force Questions
Preliminary Agenda (2022)
An overview of the convention schedule is below. Additional agenda details and events will be published as they become available. This draft outline agenda is provided to assist folks in determining travel time and lodging requirements. The official call to order on Friday will be 2:30pm. Our goal on Saturday is to adjourn no later than 5:00pm; however, final adjournment is dependent on requests for agenda time and length of debate and conversation.
Resolutions with Actions (2022)
Español - A.1 Agenda (2022)
Español - B2 Nominations Report (2022)
Español - D.2 Informe del Comité de Resoluciones (2022)
Español - E.1 Constitution and Canons (2022)
Español - Liturgias Para La Convención – Todos